How long do you take to ship?

My estimated turnaround can be seen at the top of every page, in the blue bar. Sometimes, it will change. I try to update it based on what orders I am shipping at the time; so if some orders are a week late, I will add a week, and if some are early, I'll subtract a week. I generally aim for a 6 week turnaround. I know this is a long time to wait for your order, and I truly appreciate the infinite patience of my customers 💕 Read my FAQ to see why the turnaround is so long!

There are some exceptions to the estimated turnaround, though. Puppy capes ship within 2 weeks of being ordered. If your puppy cape has not shipped, send me a message to make sure you haven't slipped past me! Puppy capes are best ordered separately from other items to ensure they ship in 2 weeks; a puppy cape with embroidered items will ship in the estimated turnaround time.

Vests and capes with coloured binding also take longer to ship. Coloured binding needs to be special ordered. Once I do so, I order extra, but until I have all colours in stock, the estimated wait time for all vests and capes with coloured binding is 2-3 weeks longer than average.

When do you ship?

Orders are usually shipped on Mondays, occasionally on Tuesday (if there's a holiday), and rarely during the week. This means that if your order is due Tuesday the 2nd, it will probably ship on Monday the 8th, though it may have shipped Monday the 1st! You'll receive an order fulfillment notice when your order has shipped.

How fast will my order arrive?

Orders shipped Standard to the USA and Canada may take up to 14 business days to arrive, and 20 business days to arrive to international destinations. Tracked or Expedited shipments may arrive in as little as 7 business days to the USA and Canada, and 14 business days to international destinations.

Once dropped in Canada Post's hands, I have no control over delivery times. Canada Post has gotten orders to BC in a couple of days, and lost orders bound to Orleans, Ontario from Ottawa, Ontario for 2 weeks.

Does my order come with tracking?

Generally, no. Most of the orders I receive are very small, so I use cost-saving shipping options that do not include tracking. Canadian and American orders under 250 grams, and international orders, do not include tracking. You can add tracking to small or international orders using the Tracked and Expedited options. Orders over 250 grams include tracking.

I understand that adding tracking to your order with Tracked or Expedited shipping can be expensive, but it is the best way to proceed for peace of mind on small and especially international orders.

Please note that selecting Expedited shipping will not decrease your turnaround time, only the shipping time.

Do you cover customs?

I do not cover customs charges. Please keep this in mind for international orders; different countries have different thresholds for customs and duties charges.

My order is lost!

Oh no! Has it been at least 14 business days since it was shipped? If so, let me know. I will replace the order as soon as possible (usually within 1 to 2 weeks) or refund it in total.