• Puppy Cape | All Sizes, 14" - 42" girth

    Delores, a 7 month old French bulldog, models a 12" puppy cape.


    Multiway puppy capes are made in the classic lightweight butterfly style, allowing puppies to get used to wearing work clothes for the duration of the cape's lifespan, which is from approximately 3 to 12 months of age (breed-dependant). Puppy capes will look big on your young puppy, and small on your nearly-adult dog, but that's the nature of puppy growth!

    Puppy capes are intended to ship quickly, within a 2 week timeframe. Puppy cape orders attached to embroidery or adult vest orders will be delayed. If you want to order a puppy cape and embroidery, I reccommend ordering them separately so you can receive your puppy cape quickly.

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      • Comfy curved shape
      • 1.5mm thick interior padding
      • Ladderlock adjuster on the chest strap prevents slippage
      • Adjust from super-tiny to almost-adult sizing
      • Water-resistant and hair-proof black ripstop underside, coloured topside
      • Durable materials
      • Multiway logo and vest size embroidered right on to the underside
      • 4" wide velcro down the length of the back, bordered by reflective piping
      • 1" wide straps and hardware
      • No velcro side patches (9")
      • 2" x 4" velcro side patches (12")
      • 2" x 6" velcro side patches (15", 18", 21")


    Cape Size
    Fabric Colour
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