Mixed Symbols
  • Mixed Symbols

    Wrapped around your dog's chest strap, pull strap, or right on their leash, you can put information in places patches can't easily sit! Either side of this wrap features a stop sign and strikeout symbols for no talking, no touching, no staring, and no photographs, with one side facing vertically and the other horizontally. This wrap is great to use in multiple scenarios!

    • Size: 7.5" long by 4.5" wide, sized to fit 1"-1.25" wide straps

      Inside: Lined with the Canine Chronicles fabric, so your dog can keep up with his news when he gets bored!

      Images: A 1.25" stop sign and 1.25" no symbols for no talking, touching, staring, or photos, arranged vertically on one side and horizontally on the other side of the wrap

      Colours: 1. Text (black), 2. Stop sign (#148 and white), 3. Symbols (3 colours; #148 strike, black symbol, white background)

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