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Multiway is a small Canadian business that officially launched in late 2017. Prior to that, the company's namesake—the creatively-named Multiway multi-way leash—was sold in small batches.


Thanks to the help of Causeway Work Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, I was able to launch Multiway as a fully-fledged business, and grow my product line to include patches, strap wraps, and even vests and capes!

Entrepreneurship has been part of my life since 2011, when I launched my first business, Pooch & Puddy. P&P closed shortly after I realised I couldn't handle a self-directed workload, college, and newfound mental health diagnoses.

Being able to create for other Service Dog handlers has been so fulfilling. Having had so much trouble finding gear for my Service Dogs in the past, I am so pleased to be able to offer my products to a Canadian audience!

Meet The Team

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It's me! The creator behind it all. Multiway is a one-woman show, completely owned and operated by me. Creation and design are my passion, and being able to use them to run my own business has been wonderful. I make everything from conception to completion (with the exception of a few clip-art based assets, and my EDS zebra) by myself. Running things all alone does have its drawbacks, namely the looong turnaround times.


Bolin is my current Service Dog. He was rescued in Jamaica in June 2016 and imported to Canada in September 2016, where he immediately launched into the intensive training required for a good working animal. By January 2018 he was working full-time as a psychiatric Service Dog. Bo is an American Village Dog, a complete goof, and always ready to help. He has very kindly stood through many paper fittings to help design Multiway vests!

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My first Service Dog, Peach, now acts as a behind-the-scenes assistant. Peach is the poster child for why aggressive dogs should be properly managed: after numerous minor dog attacks, she finally cracked after two successive attacks left her traumatised. Service Dogs are often exposed to aggressive dogs in public, and they're at the mercy of people who try to trick their way into public establishments with untrained dogs. It is an issue I hope all my customers take seriously.

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